Cliff and his wife Cathie in their home in Central



Cliff and Cathie came to Central in 1999 when they purchased the
local power plant.  The couple has been a wonderful addition to
our small community and over these few years have touched
the lives of everyone they met.  They consistently have put the
best interests of the community above their own.

Cliff worked hard, lived his life to the fullest, with an usdisputed
zest for life!  Besides owning and operating the power plant, he was a
partner in Central Fuel and did all the heating oil deliveries in both
Central and Circle.  Even with his overloaded schedule, he delivered
water at no charge to several community residents that did not have
a well and always took time to help others with things they needed..

Cathy was a loving, Christian woman that showed kindness to all she
came in contact with. She never met anyone that she disliked. Along
with Cliff she offered help to all in the community. Cliff and Cathy
were full of joy and laughter and it spread to all. They never spoke
negatively about others, which is a rare quality these days, nor did
they take part in gossip. They chose to get to know people for who
they really were and form their own opinions. Their enthusiasm,
outgoing personalities, and concern for friends and neighbors
brought them the utmost respect from the community.

Cliff and Cathy have passed on now and have left a huge void not
only for their family and friends, but for our community and everyone
that had the privilege of meeting them.  They will begreatly missed!
 This website is being dedicated to their memory in appreciation for
all the enthusiasm and support they gave not only to this project,
but to Central as a whole.





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