Central formed it's first school in 1981 when the students met in the
old Far North Grocery building with their teacher, Laurel Tyrrell.
They decided to call it Far North after the building they were using.
At this time, the Steese was only a summer road so supplies
had to be gathered before the snows came and closed the road for
the winter.  With few books and using a copy machine for lesson
sheets, the school was born.

About 1984, the school got its own buildings, two 3-wide trailers
that were to be temporary structures, but have been so well
maintained that we are still using them.  In 1997, when the BLM
offices closed in Central, the school acquired several more buildings
which were moved to school property.  One of the buildings was a
large commercial kitchen and dining area.  Others were converted
to a shop and storage areas.

The enrollment has varied from as low as 1 student to about 28 and
has had from 1 teacher to 3 depending on student numbers. The
community is very supportive of it's school and will go out of their
way to do special things for the kids!


Goals and Objectives
Each child should have the opportunity to learn in a positive
environment.  Far North provides that opportunity to the
children of Central.  The teacher, parents, staff, and volunteers
are committed to the students and their education.  Our goal
is to provide a quality education for each child, based on
his/her needs and abilities.


The curriculum at Far North is designed to be meaningful and
relevant for the students.  This school year we are participating
in the Aurora Alive science program. Aurora Alive is a
multimedia science curriculum that teaches basic physics concepts
and mathematics through the study of the Northern Lights.
This program uses interdisciplinary, hands-on lessons to
engage students in the learning process.  This curriculum is
aligned with the National Science, Math, and Language Arts
Standards, the State of Alaska Standards for Culturally
Responsive Schools and the Alaska Content Standards.


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