Around our community
We have a unique mixture of tiny one room cabins from
bygone times as well as beautiful log homes built in recent years.
Our little community is carved out of boreal forests and
offers a very special lifestyle - from summer residents,
to the hardy individuals that live here year-round.

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Community photos by Don Hamilton unless specified otherwise
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 Welcome to Central

 Looking up the road to

 A stately old cabin



Circle Hot Springs

from bygone years














 Another summer cabin

 BLM office

  Beautiful log home


















 Another summertime

 Winter comes to 

 Circle Hot Springs Hotel


retreat from the city

the stately old cabin

(rooms, cabins, camping, pool)



from bygone years

currently closed (for sale)










Central Motor Inn

 Entering Central from

 Dept. of Transportation


(motel, restarant, bar, laundry)




currently closed (for sale)












 Lovely log home

 Snowy night

 Fireweed in the summer



photo by Chris Kriendler

(makes great jelly) 














 Mills Junction

 Small summer cabin in fall

 Circle Mining District


(cafe, motel,  bar, store, laundry)


Historic Museum














  Old and new homes

 Small summer cabin in winter

 Roadsign and junction of




Circle Hot Springs Road














 Central Park

 U.S. Post Office

 U.S. Post Office


(camp spaces available)

in winter

in fall















 Looking down the Steese Hiway

 Looking down Steese



toward Fairbanks

toward the turn off for




Circle Hot Springs










Mac-Lin Gardens - a local

Inside the greenhouse

Showing some of the fine


source for great vegies

at Mac-Lin Gardens

vegies from Mac-Lin Gardens


by Mac & Linda Carter

by Mac & Linda Carter

by Mac & Linda Carter



Turkey Day 2003
The community enjoyed the hospitality and a great Thanksgiving dinner
put on by Marcy and the students.  We were treated to a special poem
and song by AJ and Erica and a good time was had by all.


Photos by Far North School















































































4th of July - Alaska "bush" style!

Parade photos by Don Hamilton



























































































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