Some community residents - 2003
photo by Chris Kriendler
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We are a small community located in a beautiful valley
about 130 miles NE of Fairbanks along the Steese Highway.
Our culture has been influenced by a long, colorful history
of sourdoughs and goldminers.  The folks that live here are
rugged, self-sufficient individuals with a strong love of the
outdoors and the isolation this remote area provides.

Are you planning a vacation, looking for the ideal spot for
a summer cabin, or wanting to move into the "bush"?
If you're looking for peace, solitude, beautiful scenery, or
a real "Alaskan Experience" - we have it all!  Enjoy your
"virtual trip" through our web pages, then come visit us
and experience the real Alaska!



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The moose used in the background was taken from a photo
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