The idea for this website came about when the state of Alaska decided
to close the Steese to winter travel several years ago.  If this had happened
it would have devastated the lives of the area residents.  We had long
ago ceased having the ability to survive without the road system which
now is the lifeline of the communities along it.  We depend on the road
to bring in fuel oil to run our community power systems and heating oil
for our homes in the winter.  Try to imagine what would happen in your
town or city if there were no roads connecting it to the outside world!
We fought this through the internet and the media and with the outcry of
thousands of folks across Alaska, the United States, and even some other
countries, the state of Alaska relented and kept the Steese open.

The struggle made us realize that we need to show folks about not only
our lifestyle, but the historic value of this area.  Thus the idea for a website
about our community was born.  Shortly after, while I was organizing
my thoughts on doing a site and getting some input from others in the
community, I met a gentleman named Gus Lindquist.  Gus had been
a frequent visitor to Central and just loved this area.  It was his dream
to have website on the Steese Highway, so after talking with him, the
idea was formulated to combine both our ideas into one site.

Although I did all the design and website work on the site,
"Along the Steese Highway" is the result of the contributions of many
people!  Thanks go to all those that have contributed photos, history,
suggestions, ideas, and encouragement to this project!  It would not
have been possible without their help!

We sincerely hope you enjoy your virtual visit with us and that
sometime in the near future you will come visit us in person!





A special thanks to those that have contributed
photos, history, or suggestions!

Gus Lindquist - ideas and suggestions
Lori Wilde - Circle Mining District Musuem - historical photos
Al Cook - Circle Mining District Museum - historical photos
Marcy Jasper - Far North School - photos & info for school section
Chris Kriendler - photos
Cindy Allen - photos
Bob & Kay Harrison - history
Rick & Laurel Tyrrell - photos - history
Jacob Tyrrell - history of Central and the Steese
Ed & Jan Fuhs - photos and pr work
Mac & Linda Carter - photos
Don Hamilton - photos and scanning work







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