From it's beginnings in Fairbanks,this historic old road winds
it's way through the vast, scenic expanses of interior Alaska to
it's culmination in Circle City on the famous Yukon River. The
folks that have lived here in the past and the ones that now
make their homes in this beautiful wilderness chose an
unparalleled way of life that can not be found in any other
state in the United States.



Come journey with us on a "virtual" Alaskan experience
as we share our history and unique lifestyle with you
through photographs and stories. Then, when you can,
come visit us for a "real" Alaskan experience


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Steese Highway (Alaska #6) winding up south side of Eagle Summit toward Central
 Photo by Don Hamilton -
Copyright 2002 - All rights reserved
May not be used without permission

Beautiful birchbark frame in background created by Jane Brazeal
Jane's PSP tubes
Jane kindly gave me permission to use her frame
in the creation of this background.

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